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Kings Of Spins Chart Show Oct 13th presented by Liz Scott.



The Kings Of Spins Chart Show from the weekend featuring 20 tracks as chosen by the Kings DJs live feedback over the last 7 days. Streaming on Spotify plus Apple Music and free to broadcast on your stations. This week presented by the amazing Liz Scott and superbly produced by Sam Mathews of the Klubjumpers. Recommended by Kings (naturally :)

Kings Chart Oct 13th

1. Glenn Friscia n Alex Kouros - Nothing Is The Same 
2. Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around (Disco Pirates Remix)
3. Tiffany Bynoe - Shame -
4. Bobbe Green - Survival
5. Radmila Lolly ft Dani Hagan - U R Moving Me
6. 7L - So Deep
7. Jaguar Grace - To All The Boys - Georgie Jackin House Radio Mix
8. Inaya Day & Master Fale - Joyful Life
9. Tiffany Sharee - Your Love
10. Fenix & Chris Willis - Feelings For You
11. Lost Witness & Thea Riley - Did I Dream
12. Emoiryah & DJ Xquizit - Darkness
13. TRAIG - Listen To The Music
14. K_O - Unseen
15. Grapefruit Sound Lab and Amuka - Don't Fall For It 
16. Groovecatcher + Madison Park - Scintillating
17. Bounty Hunters - Rise (US Radio Mix)
18. Diego Brown - Amazing
19. Agency - Pushover
20. Jaguar Grace - To All The Boys (FUSED OMD-MODE Mix)


Kings Of Spins Chart Show Oct 13th presented by Liz Scott (streaming on iTunes-Spotify & free to broadcast)

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