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KNOX New York Deep and Soulful Mixshow 100 - Soulful-Deep House

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OH MY DEEP SOULFUL HOUSE GOD - WHAT A SHOW TO MARK THE MAGIC #100. We've been with KNOX from show #1 and wow how he has delivered - as far as a Deep Soulful House goes its just F**KING BEAUTIFUL - the kind of music you can get it on with your girlfriend on the dancefloor or in the bedroom making out to the vibes, totally lost to the rest of the world whatever's happening out there because this amazing place is just you two loving each other whether grooving or growling love noises. This man has soul from his little toes to the top of his head. KNOX (Graham) take a bow sir - PURE FABULICIOUS MAGIC...

KNOX New York Deep & Soulful Mixshow 100

01 - I Can't Wait - Andy Caldwell (Original Flavor Mix)
02 - No Sugar Feat. Shea Soul - Joey Negro, Gramophonedzie (Club Mix)
03 - Calabria 2007 - Enum (Club Mix)
04 - Paradise - Roy Davis Jr (Vocal Mix)
05 - Never Forget - Hard drive 2000 (Dance Ritual Mix)
06 - Shame - M2W (John Cutler Mix)
07 - Breathe - DJ Jask ( Scott Wozniak Mix)
08 - Hot Stuff - Donna Summer (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper as Director's Cut Signature Mix)
09 - Sax Story - Electric Tango - (Dino's Club Mix)
10 - Burning - MK (James Talk & Ridney Remix)
11 - Disco Disco - Pink Fluid




KNOX New York Deep and Soulful Mixshow 100 - Soulful-Deep House

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