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KNOX New York Deep and Soulful Mixshow 114 - Soulful-Deep House



DEEP SOULFUL HOUSE - NEW YORK's KNOX a DJ/Producer superbly delivers 13 smooth Deep Soulful House tracks for mixshow # 114. Perfectly produced and soulfully deep for your radio stations, audience or hanging out with your fellow music aficionados. Highly recommended and free to enjoy as a mix or broadcast on your stations.. Also in the downloads with the show is Knox's brand new single single release Soap Opera - featuring Shumocka ShuVance. Great music Knox..

KNOX New York Deep & Soulful Mixshow 114

01- Deep In Your Love - Joe Olindo
02 - Shoo Be Doo - Janly
03 - Get Loose Get Loose - Hugo Mari, Zodiac, Kali Alce
04 - Keep it coming - Alex Agore
05 - That’s Right - Tine
06 - Together - Random Soul
07 - Can’t Stop Falling - James Johnston
08 - Weekend - Kira Wilkinson
09 - Ahhh - Sonia Menz, Kenny ‘Bizzarro
10 - You Could Be - Anya V, M Caporal
11 - Black is Back - Kiko Navarro, Boris Dlugosch
12 - Night Life - Dave Anthony, Brian Lucas, Risk Assessment
13 - All Because Of You - Kiko Navarro, Julie McNight


Previous #1 on the Kings Top 30 DJ Chart (link below)

Knox ft Shumocka ShuVance - Soap Opera - Essential Soulful House

KHM live on Traxsource


KNOX New York Deep and Soulful Mixshow 114 - Soulful-Deep House

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