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KNOX New York Deep and Soulful Mixshow 73 - Soulful-Deep House

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KNOX delivers show # 73 including 11 new tracks especially chosen to create a perfect one hour show for your radio stations to broadcast freely around the world. This week's show kicks off with "Cathedrals" by D.C. La Rue, Joey Negro into Marchand De Sable by DJ Mes and "Real Things" DJ Roman running into the mix before eventually closing on "Believe" by Nathan Haines, Shelly, The Layabouts into "Four to the Back" by Madrid and finally "Your Light" by Christian B, Lavvy Lavan, Groove Assassin. We love this show on Kings. Real music vibes for folks who feel music.... Don't forget to check out KNOX's new track release "My Emotions" which is riding high on the Charts and is still available from Kings - check the previous link...

KNOX New York Deep & Soulful Mixshow 73 Playlist

01 - Cathedrals - D.C. La Rue, Joey Negro
02 - Marchand De Sable - DJ Mes
03 - Real Things - DJ Roman
04 - Check Out - El Funkador
05 - Do ME SO Bad - X Gets the crest, Groove Assassin
06 - Don’t change - Mark Maxwell, Stew Obsidian
07 - Because of your love - Livio Mode, Tommie Cotton
08 - Yours Tonight - Kooks and Lean 
09 - Believe - Nathan Haines, Shelly, The Layabouts
10 - Four to the back - Madrid
11 - Your Light - Christian B, Lavvy Lavan, Groove Assassin



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