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Krys Monique - So Good - Sugartime (Circuit House-House)



HOUSE - CIRCUIT HOUSE - FUTURE HOUSE - PIANO HOUSE -CLUB DANCE - CLUB HOUSE - NYC-born & raised singer, Krys Monique, is on the fast track to success with her DEBUT club banger, "So Good", guided by her overseeing producer, C-ROD and supremely supported with some incredibly HOT mixes which include: MIKE CRUZ, DIRTY DISCO, DIRTY WERK, DJ ALAN bd and FUNK SPECIALISTS!!

This incredible synergy & talent has help to blaze a major trail UP the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart in just 2 weeks, moving from its DEBUT@D43* last week to 30* this week!! 

Krys Monique - So Good (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix 7A - 128 Circuit House.

Krys Monique - So Good (Dirty Werk Extended Club Mix 8A - 128 Club House

Krys Monique - So Good (DJ ALAN bd Pumping SO GOOD House Mix 7A - 124 House

Krys Monique - So Good (Funk Specialists Mixshow Edit 7A - 130 Piano House

Krys Monique - So Good (Mike Cruz Club Mix 7A - 128 Club Dance

Krys Monique - So Good (C-ROD Ultimately Good Mix 7A - 126 Future House


Originally from Queens, New York, Krys Monique discovered her passion for singing at the young age of 7, while performing at neighboring talent shows. While in High School, Krys sang the Fugees/Lauryn Hill’s “Killing Me Softly”, and her soulful rendition led to her signing with a local independent record label.

Although that initial opportunity ended, her career was jump-started through a couple of NEW relationships -- 
1) Krys Monique promptly joined forces with Sugartime Records 
2) She began working with Miami-based multi-platinum Grammy nominated producer, C-ROD, who has remixed such diverse club artists as: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Sean Finn, Gloria Estefan, Niiko X SWAE, just to name a few.

Krys and Sugartime have serviced “So Good” to the Billboard DJ Panel, and there has already been an immediate positive response to the hot track and its remixes—featuring Dirty Werk, Dirty Disco, DJ Alan bd, Funk Specialists!

Look for this sensational club banger to impact dance-floors both in the U.S. as well as internationally.

She is currently working with C-ROD on several tracks for her forthcoming DEBUT new album, set for release in the Spring of 2019!


Krys Monique - So Good (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix 7A - 128 Circuit House

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