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Laroussi - Lost (Remixes) Xyion Club House-Tribal House-Euro House

Tracks 14.02.2019 #Billboard Club Chart Promo, #CLUB HOUSE, #WAVs + MP3s, **FREE TO BROADCAST**, REMIXES, Tribal Club


BILLBOARD CLUB CHART HIT - CLUB HOUSE - BIG ROOM HOUSE - EURO HOUSE - TRAP - TRIBAL CIRCUIT HOUSE - FUTURE POP - REMIXES - GREAT VIDEO - WAVs + MP3s - Heading towards the Top 10 of the Billboard Club Chart, Laroussi's new release "LOST" features remixes from Ralphi Rosariio, Jeff Bomb, Cristian Poow, Chris Cox, Lemi Vice and DJ Taz Rashid. Recommended by Kings Of Spins

Laroussi - Lost (Ralphi Rosario Dub
9A - 127 Tribal Circuit House

Laroussi - Lost (Ralphi Rosario Remix 
9A - 127 Tribal Circuit House

Laroussi - Lost (Chris Cox Club Mix
9A - 132 Club House

Laroussi - Lost (Chris Cox DUB
9A - 132 Club House

Laroussi - Lost (Cristian Poow Club Mix
9A - 128 Big Room House

Laroussi - Lost (DJ Taz Rashid Remix
9A - 65 Future Pop

Laroussi - Lost (Jeff Bomb Remix
9A - 127 Euro House

Laroussi - Lost (Lemi Vice Remix
9A - 148 Trap


Laroussi is a powerful and dynamic artist who fearlessly and authentically merges the sounds and elements of her Arabic culture with rich soul and the ever-expanding sounds of pop music. She was discovered by songwriter/producer Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars, Ceelo Green, Adele) and brought to the states to write and record what is now her debut mini-album for the US, A+.

Laroussi’s goals include adding a verse to the soundtrack of people’s lives; making songs to party, dance, make love, cry, heal, dream, and believe to; be on the list of the most sought-after performers in music; to be boundless and fearless in artistic expression; and to remain surrounded by people who care about art and making the world a better place.


Laroussi - Lost (Ralphi Rosario Remix 9A - 127 Tribal Circuit House

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