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Lattz ft Rafa G - Grew Up (YoungDimondBroskis) Future Hip Hop

Tracks 06.01.2021


FUTURE HIP HOP - WAVs + MP3s. Artist and producer “Lattz” was born in Vale de Amoreira, a renowned ghetto in Portugal. Breaking out from a life surrounded by the realities and extremes of street life, the creative is now based in the UK and has climbed the ranks of the hip hop scene gaining a mass of dedicated fans along the way. Creating and composing his deep and meaningful beats from his studio. His forthcoming single ‘GREW UP’ has been heavily inspired by his childhood and the deep scars it carries.

Speaking out loud with an open heart Lattz has a message that runs through the new single “I wanted my fans to have more of an insight into my background and who I am as an artist” The lyrics that haunt this epic beat will draw out your emotions and take you on a journey into life when Lattz was a child. The single has production collaborations with talented producer “Rightstar” and one of Portugal’s most prominent young hip hop artists “Raffa G” who boasts hundreds of millions of views and followers.

- Over 1,000,000 plus YouTube Views 
- Over 25,000 Instagram Followers
- Over 1,590,000 Facebook views
- Over 100,000 TikTok views

Lattz Ft Rafa G - Grew Up (Official Audio (G# minor-1A 130 bpm Future Hip Hop

Lattz Ft Rafa G - Grew Up (Radio Edit (G# minor-1A 130 bpm Future Hip Hop

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Lattz Ft Rafa G - Grew Up (Radio Edit (G-minor-1A 130 bpm Future Hip Hop

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