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Loves Last Episode - The Lost Tapes - Soulful House-Deep House-Disco House

Tracks 27.12.2018 Kings Essential House


BEST OF 2018 - SOULFUL HOUSE - DEEP HOUSE - JAZZY HOUSE - DISCO HOUSE - SOULFUL CLUB - LLE's freshmen album is aptly titled as Love Last Episode with seven cuts from producer's heaven. An fantastic album from Kenny Summit's 'Good For You Records' and one of the true highlights of 2018. Out on Traxsource with other GFYR goodies..

Loves Last Episode - Acid Pleasure (LLE Trippin Balls Mix  6A - 120 Soulful House

Loves Last Episode - God Complex (LLE Never Gone To Church Mix 5A - 120 Deep House

Loves Last Episode - Its Only A Kiss (LLE Original Disco Mix 7A - 120 Disco House

Loves Last Episode - Neck Meat (LLE Shaolin Sampler 9A - 116 Jazzy House

Loves Last Episode - One Mo Time (LLE Ext Yacht Rocker  11B - 110 Soulful Club

Loves Last Episode - Then Came You (LLE Straight Fire Mix 7A - 120 Soul House

Loves Last Episode - Two People On A Boat (LLE Sea Sick Mix 7A - 122 Deep Jazzy House


Loves Last Episode - Acid Pleasure (LLE Trippin Balls Mix 6A - 120 Soulful House

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