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Loz Tinitoz - Diese Zeit - ES&L Ent (Deutsch Rock)

Tracks 23.03.2020 #DJ-SHOP.DE, ROCK


Deutsch Rock - Between Tinder dates, daily work life and watching Netflix is a huge gap called loneliness in a life of a single. About this gap is that personal song by singer Timo Januschewski who sings about his current time.

Loz Tinitoz - Diese Zeit - 11A - 145 (Deutsch Rock)

"I wrote this song after another bad tinder experience.“, said Januschewski. "I met someone really nice and handsome but after she broke up I felt so paralysed and empty. I realised that everyone around me were getting married, having a child and all that adult stuff but I was still in a continuous loop of dating. So I wrote that song as a snapshot of my current life and also to reflect myself. I still haven't found a better woman yet but life is a giant search of luck, hope and love. It just needs time to find it.“

This snapshot is underlined by a catchy guitar riff in the verse and a blaring guitar sound in the chorus. This unique german band bunches serval styles like cross over, hip hop and rock in their music. This is a very authentic rock song that reflect the zeitgeist of so many young people out there. Released 04-03

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Loz Tinitoz - Diese Zeit - 11A - 145 (Deutsch Rock)

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