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Mario Ferrini - La Promesse album (Ferrini Records) House - Club House - Progressive House




“La Promesse” Great new album release by Mario Ferrini. Big recommendation from Kings. Italian-Swiss artist and DJ Mario Ferrini releases his new album "La Promesse" on 26 August. Supported by the single "Light in You", this album guarantees us pure moments of bliss for our evenings with friends thanks to the compositions coming from the composer's colourful and optimistic universe, which also extends summer and its good vibrations for several more months.

We’ve been listening to Mario Ferrini on the radio and in the clubs for years. We danced to his first album "You First" released in 2016 and we enjoyed a cocktail to the sound of "Light in You". With over 400,000 streams (Spotify) under his belt, if you didn't know his name yet, your ears should recognise his sounds.

Mario Ferrini & Justina Lee Brown - Light In You (La Promesse - 7A - 123 Vocal House

Mario Ferrini - Promise (La Promesse 2A - 124 Progressive House

Mario Ferrini - The Warehouse (La Promesse - 2A - 122 House

Mario Ferrini & Brad Blondino & Roland Clark - Sunset Walk (Original Mix - 10A - 123 House

Mario Ferrini & Djecko - I Lost My Way (La Promesse - 2A - 126 Piano Club

Mario Ferrini & Frik n Chic & Nathan Brumley - Missing You (La Promesse - 10A - 123 Club Dance

Mario Ferrini & Rhalmia - Lets Just Talk About It (La Promesse - 4A - 124 Club House

Mario Ferrini & Steve Catalano - Jackin 77 (La Promesse - 6A - 127 Jackin House

Mario Ferrini feat Juiceppe - Delirious (Original Mix - 12A - 120 Club Dance

Mario Ferrini feat Marie V - In The Club Say You Love Me (La Promesse - 4A - 126 House

Mario Ferrini Juicy Lotta feat Imblosion - U78 (La Promesse - 6A - 122 Progressive Club House

Mario Ferrini Meets Don Bnnr - Off The Grid (La Promesse - 5B - 105 Pop Dance

Frik n Chic - A Hero Like You (Mario Ferrini Remix - 2A - 122 Electro Synth House

Today, this artist blesses us with his latest album. "La Promesse" is a 13-track album which is a new achievement for this DJ and producer. His universe has evolved to reflect even more of Mario Ferrini's human qualities; sharing, authenticity, optimism, energy and party spirit in the purest sense of the word.

Each track is rhythmic and catchy as well as an ode to the love for music and the turntables that he has had since he was 14. Mario has been passionate about music for many years and has been shaping his style and technique.

The DJ's creative work always follows the same patterns: eclecticism, positivity and high quality featurings with performers from all over the world. Mario is very much open to anything to delight our ears. So what is this promise that is made to us?

We are about to spend some unforgettable moments, filled with enthusiasm and joy. Partying, dancing, laughing... so many things that symbolize the pleasure of sharing moments of friendship together. This artist has also promised himself to renew and explore new horizons as well as to propose a unique show on stage for memorable live performances.
The first single "Light in You" is already available for streaming. The album will be available on and on all streaming platforms from 26 August 2022.

Mario Ferrini - Techno Dj dance -



Mario Ferrini & Justina Lee Brown - Light In You (La Promesse - 7A - 123 Vocal House

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