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Mark P. Adler - Islandia - Quark Records (Lounge-Chill Out)

Tracks 01.10.2017 Chill Out, Kings Essential Ibiza Tune, KINGS RECOMMENDED, Lounge


LOUNGE - BEACH HOUSE - CHILL OUT - As Ibiza prepares to close its 2017 summer (where did those 5 months go ?) the magic of music in all its spectrum vision colours keeps delivering its new born into the world. Mark's album "Islandia" with 14 blissed out recordings to let wash over you. 6 featured and the remaining all ZIPPED once feedback is left. RECOMMENDED BY KINGS

Sea Breeze - 6A - 100 Lounge-Chill Out
Nice Island - 6A - 115 Lounge-Chill Out
Maybe Someday - 10B - 100 Lounge-Chill Out
Islandia - 10A - 110 Lounge-Chill Out
Coming Back - 9A - 100 Lounge-Chill Out
Good Vibelation - 9B - 133 Lounge-Chill Out
Spacious Skies - 8A - 100 Lounge-Chill Out
My Lovesick Bell - 8A - 90 Lounge-Chill Out
Zanzibar - 7A - 80 Lounge-Chill Out
Tropicali - 5A - 125 Lounge-Chill Out
Into The Sunset - 10B - 90 Lounge-Chill Out
Uberscheist Discoteque - 8A - 85 Lounge-Chill Out
If You Take The Time - 9B - 100 Lounge-Chill Out
Quietly Waiting - 7B - 100 Lounge-Chill Out

Mark P. Adler is the main engineer and musician at Synthesaur Studios in Flagstaff Arizona, and has been touring and engineering for 30+ years. He has played in bands that have backed up or shared venues with REO Speedwagon, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Chi Coltrane, Jan & Dean, Blasters, Elvira, Fishbone, Los Lobos, Ian Gillian (Deep Purple), Jeff Scott Band, Buddy Reed & The Rip It Ups, Stylus and Desperado.

Mark has done recording sessions for Taco Bell, NBC Triathlon Series, Empathy, Dwight Good & London Philharmonic Orchestra, Howard Hart, Taboo Zoo, Byron Hopson (Flite), (Post Lude), (Trees of Mystery), AZ, Todd Schon, Carolyn Bame, Therapeutic Musicians of Flagstaff, La Bodega Country House, Sun West Media, and many others. He has also recorded music for the recently released “Michael Jackson Commemorated” film.

His self-produced CD’s for Quark Music Group include the New Age classic, “Forgotten Times”, the electronica-laden “Uncommon Scents” by Xenchaos, as well as the downloadable albums ambient/jazz/fusion “Winds Of Change“, PsyAmbient “Quantum Leap” ,the PsyAmbient collection “Convergence”, the chillout collections “Summer All Over Again”, “Malibu Breeze”, La Bido Noche” and “Let Me Fly” (nominated for Best Chillout Album of 2014 by One World Music, UK).

Grammy Categories for “ISLANDIA” (Album)
Category # 11 – Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Category # 30 – Best New Age Album
Grammy Category for “Sea Breeze” (taken from the album “Islandia”)
Category # 62- Best Instrumental Composition
New Age Album
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
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Best Instrumental Composition
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Mark P Adler - Sea Breeze - 6A - 100 Lounge-Chill Out

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