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Matthew Schultz - Promise for Keeps - MS Music (Future Pop-RnB)

Tracks 13.02.2018 KINGS RECOMMENDED


FUTURE POP - R&B - Matthew Schultz's new single, Promise For Keeps, sees him return to the fray in some style. Musically, it is has its finger on the pulse, blending elements of EDM and Major Lazer-esque dancehall to create a fresh sounding, cutting edge pop track. The theme is highly romantic, with the protagonist pondering the idea of long-term commitment to the new love in his life: "I love that I'm close to you, so much love to show to you, I hope I'm not thinking too far ahead....".

It starts with just vocals and synths, gradually building with light percussion up to the first chorus, which is instantly memorable the first time you hear it. In the second verse a four-to-the-floor beat kicks in and the track starts to really groove. This incrementally structured arrangement means there is frequency something new entering the mix and so doesn't get old after repeated listens, there is always something drawing the listener in. After the track has built up to a full beat, there's a drop down section which works well dynamically, making the last choruses more effective.

There are several hooks that deployed throughout the song that make it super catchy, such as the romantic "I'll take you far from here...", "Let's plant a seed for love to grow" and the philosophical "You reap what you sow and you sow what you reap". The laid back tempo is reminiscent of Drake's monster hit One Dance, and you can imagine this track going down equally well in a nightclub.

Overall, Matthew Schultz has come up with a first rate piece of modern pop that effortlessly blends several genres and styles, which will work equally well on the radio and the dancefloor. It's a song that will fit in perfectly in the current musical landscape of Taylor Swift, Drake and Justin Bieber, with mainstream pop the place where the innovations are being made. In short, it has massive hit written all over it. With an army of fans awaiting new material, he will undoubtedly make many new ones with this single, and 2018 could find him taking his success to a new level.

Matthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps
(ft Gyptian) 4B - 99 RnB
Matthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps
(Gyptian n DJ Surinder Rattan (Rmx 4A - 104 RnB
Matthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps
(Young Wolf Hatchling Remix 4A - 100 Future Pop
Matthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps
(Radio Mix 4A - 105 Future Pop




Matthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps (Gyptian n DJ Surinder Rattan (Rmx 4A - 104 RnB

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