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Milo Kaih - "Remainder Of My Reverie" - Matchbox Recordings

TRACKS (New) Electronic, Progressive House

Milo Kaih - "Remainder Of My Reverie" - Matchbox Recordings

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Milo Kaih took piano lessons during primary school. Later his family moved to Havana, Cuba, where he learned to play acoustic guitar and mingled with talented Cuban song writers.

There and then, his passion for writing songs was born.

Mid-teenage, his family moved to Mexico City. At the time for university, he had to choose between a career in engineering or music. He chose the former, but kept interest in music and joined a band,
called 'Vendredi'. After graduating, and just before life took its own course, Vendredi recorded their only studio album with 'PG Producciones' (in an adapted bedroom in a family house). That endeavour was not taken beyond the five master CDs distributed among band members.

After a decade and a career mix between research and engineering across Mexico, UK, Italy and Spain, he went back into the studio and recorded the album 33+ with The Grantholders (see
This time, a few songs gained some radio airplay and he managed to sell a few CDs (among family members and close friends).

Nowadays with the single 'Remainder of my Reverie', he is attempting a solo career, where the topic addressed is romance and sexuality under the umbrella of humour.




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