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Mot & Krid - The New World (Remixes) GCG Trance, Progressive House



REMIXES - Trance, Progressive House - Mot & Krid has joined forces with Aqualillies’ creative director Mesha Kussman for a stunning collaboration on “The New World” (Adam Turner Remix) video, featuring Deirdre Barnes (Empire Of The Sun, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber) & Athena Perample. Diving off the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, The New York Times and LA Times Magazine, the Aqualillies brand has become synonymous with classic beauty, sexy sophistication, luxury and style. We all thought it was a perfect fit of inspiration, a positive and progressive look to the future, hope and dreams. “We are the leaders to the new world,” a world of equality, inclusiveness, a world where nature is protected from harm, a world of peace and love. Supported by SiriusXM/BPM radio, DJ Stonebridge, Pandora Radio.

Mot and Krid - New World 
(Adam Turner Club Mix 3A 128 Trance-Progressive Hse

Mot and Krid - New World 
(Adam Turner Dub Mix 3A 128 Trance-Progressive Hse

Mot and Krid - New World 
(Adam Turner Radio Mix 3A 128 Trance-Progressive Hse

Now on YouTube:

Mot & Krid is an electronica artist, songwriter, remixer and producer whose prior releases have been radio playlisted on KissFM/UK, SiriusXM/BPM, Pandora, KissFM/Germany, Gaydio/UK, have charted #1 on Beatport, #5 UK Music Week Charts twice and have been supported by DJs such as Andi Durrant, Judge Jules, StoneBridge, Jes, DJ Photographer and Danny Lee. Songs are also featured on Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, CSI New York, NY INK, Abercrombie, & Fitch, MTV, Dance Nation/UK amongst others.

Other projects included remixing Katy Perry’s single “Waking up in Vegas” for Capitol Records, collaborations with Stonebridge, Moto Blanco, The Soul Seekerz, Buzz Junkies, Cindy Gomez (Universal), Valora (Hollywood Records) and 7 time Grammy winner Glen Ballard.

Release date: 11/06/2017 iTunes:

mesha kussman @meshamina (director)
Dancers & Choreography: Deirdre Barnes @deirdrebarnes Athena Perample @athenaperample



Mot and Krid - New World (Adam Turner Club Mix 3A 128 Trance-Progressive Hse

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