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MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - Freestyle Records Inc (West Coast R n B Smash)




The amazing MULAN V is ready to take her career to the next level as a new addition to the female west rap game with a cover of the 1995 MEGA worldwide hit "I GOT 5 ON IT" by Bay Area rap sensation the LUNIZ. MULAN V takes us on a journey from the female perspective of this old school MEGA hit, introducing a new generation to the infectious groove and unforgettable hook sung by Michael Marshall. I GOT 5 ON IT will be available for pre-orders June 12, 2017 at iTunes, and more!! Street date June 22, 2017

MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - 
Broadcast Mix 3A 87 R&B Vocal

MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - 
Dirty Mix 3A 87 R&B Vocal

MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - 
Instrumental 3A 87 R&B Vocal

MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - 
Dirty Acapella All 116 R&B Vocal

MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - 
Acapella Clean R&B Vocal

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Pre-orders June 17, 2017
Street date June 22, 2017


MULAN`V, a singer, rapper and actress, is the princess of Freestyle Records Inc. The young beautiful 5’ 9” phenomenal statuette is a talented performer and the founder of “MULAN V BEAUTY.COM”. When she walks into a room, she has a style and presence that captivates the eyes of all of those who she encounters leaving people with a profound impression.

Born Marshaye`s Nicole Miller in Los Angeles, California in 1993. Since the age of five she believed she was destined for superstardom. “Being on a stage is like being at home in my comfortable space, it’s fulfilling and natural,”  MULAN`V says. “Every day when I wake up I hear tunes, musical notes, songs, melodies in which I relate these melodies to acting, characters, movement, rhythm and song.”

Freestyle Records Inc. latest find is a bundle of energy who’s excited about the music industry and her place in it. “I am convinced that I am destined to entertain and it is a part of my fiber and being,” reveals MULAN`V. “She has a natural disposition for performing” says her teacher at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts where she graduated in 2010. This holds true for her singing and theatrical performances. “I have heard MULAN`V constantly speaking about her love for performing.

Her love for singing and acting oozes out of her every pore” the teacher revealed. A star was truly born, and she’s definitely a chosen one, says label president and producer Big Marv.

Making her mark on the west coast hip hop scene she has shared the stage with gangsta rap legend Snoop Dogg and as opening act for 2 Chainz just to name a few.



MULAN V - I Got 5 On It - Broadcast Mix 3A 87 RnB Vocal

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