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NOAH ft Eday - Come Together (DJ ZOLI Remix) 5A -127 Tech Club



DJ ZOLI REMIX - TECH CLUB - WAV + MP3 - RED HOT ALERT! ~ Icon Worldwide Music | NOAH, releases, “COME TOGETHER” … “a super hot sexy club ready single recreated from its original recording from 1994.” Experience the vibrant energy of New York City's legendary 90’s nightlife with NOAH®'s latest single, "Come Together.” Transport yourself back to the era of iconic clubs like Sound Factory, The Tunnel, Webster Hall,Club USA and Limelight, where the pulse of the city reverberated through the dance floor.

In 1994, amidst the thriving club scene, Christofer Holland, now known for his trademark NOAH®,” laid down the foundations of "Come Together" in a humble studio alongside engineer David Crafa and club companion, Eday. "We dropped E and hit the mic!" recalls Holland, reminiscing on the electrifying atmosphere of that night.

Now, three decades later, NOAH® revisits those unforgettable moments, weaving together outtakes from that epic session to create a fresh, tantalizing rendition of "Come Together." Stripping away the verses and bridge, NOAH® focuses on delivering pure dance energy, ensuring that this release will stand as a future classic in the world of electronic music.

Included in the mix set is an off the chain remix by close DJ/collaborator/producer Erik Elias (The Eagle), who has offered up a stunning set of remixes to NOAH®’s recent string of hits, establishing the artist as a Music Week staple.

Get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm and experience the timeless allure of "Come Together" by NOAH®.

NOAH ft Eday - Come Together (DJ ZOLI Remix) 5A -127 Tech Club

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NOAH ft Eday - Come Together (DJ ZOLI Remix) 5A -127 Tech Club

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