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Noble Gray - Hush Money - NG Music (Electro Pop)

Tracks 03.05.2019 Electro Pop


ELECTRO POP - Noble Gray is a London based collaborative between Fabian and Jarmane Raad-McAndrew. They combine music, songwriting, singing and visuals to deliver a cohesive and immersive musical experience from a unique perspective. Their brand new single is "Hush Money" an electronic pop bundle of energy..

Noble Gray - Hush Money (Clean Mix - 12A - 151 Electro Pop

Noble Gray - Hush Money (Explicit Mix - 12A - 151 Electro Pop

Noble Gray is all about pushing boundaries for positive change with their content, but simultaneously in a way of being relatable to all. Fabian the frontman comes from a well known musical family in his native Germany and lends his unique and powerful voice, musicality, melodiousness and writing skills to the song and music production process. Fabian also never fails to deliver an all-encompassing and theatrical live performance.

Jarmane is the other half of the songwriting duo and brings his creative direction to Noble Gray’s artwork and visuals from conception all the way through to styling and editing.

Fabian and Jarmane have been making music together for several years. In their own words, they say “Our songs are always somewhat autobiographical and they never shy away from touching on subject matters that are in some cases considered outside of the norm”.

Noble Gray’s prior projects were under the name of ‘Fabian Raad-McAndrew‘ and have received lots of positive press exposure and airplay in Germany. Now the duo is branching out with their new moniker, a new direction and a renewed sense of purpose.

Noble Gray Online:

"Hush Money" live on Spotify


Noble Gray - Hush Money (Clean Mix - 12A - 151 Electro Pop

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