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North South Project - Phoenix (Tanzgemeinschaft) Melodic Tech House

Tracks 27.03.2020 #BEATPORT, #SPOTIFY, #TECH HOUSE, Kings OMG Track


KINGS OMG TRACK - MELODIC TECH HOUSE - Torsten and Petra bring their best to the North South Project with a new release, rising and rising in layers of quality as a legendary "Phoenix" does in all walks of life. Our lives will rise as time passes. Keep listening to what you love and let that love bring us through. A wonderful creation by North South Project! A heavy hittin' kick together with beautiful synthesizers and hats debuting on Tanzgemeinschaft. 

German duo North South Project is here with their techy excursion. A vocal track called "Phoenix". The tile track resounds to rolling grooves, dramatic chord surges, demanding vocals and melancholic melodies that swirl through the ether. The formidable pair created an awesome original. We've asked the Spanish duo EKDK to have a go with the original and they came back with a mind-bending workout as a result. It builds and drops seamlessly, making for a stretch that will work well in peak time situations.

North South Project - Phoenix (Original Mix 5A - 124 Melodic Tech House


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North South Project - Phoenix (Tanzgemeinschaft) Melodic Tech House

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