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Parov Stelar - Mambo Rap - Etage Noir Recs (Swing Rap)

Tracks 03.08.2018 New German and Worldwide Release


Swing Rap - Parov Stelar's brand-new single "Mambo Rap" just hit the streets! Again, the master of sampling proves that he can unite different genres - old and new - like no other and always meets the current Zeitgeist. British hip hop sprinkled over swing and electronic elements leaves a fresh taste lingering in the air after each listen. "Mambo Rap" is the perfect fusion of genres - vintage and contemporary.

Parov Stelar - Mambo Rap - 8A - 120 - Swing Rap

Parov Stelar also features a video with the US dancer Fik-Shun, winner of "World of Dance 2014".

Release date: 27.07.2018

Parov Stelar:


Parov Stelar - Mambo Rap - 8A - 120 - Swing Rap

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