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Plastic Bertrand & Leee John - Don't Stop The World From Turning (Funky Club House) - Soulful Club House)



Funky Club House - Soulful Club House. Sweet Vocals - Sweet Beats. Back to the future for a disco-funk as modern as vintage, the suave voice of Leee John and his passion for live instruments knew how to meet the French Touch electro of Plastic Bertrand on a song that feels and does good.

With an international team producing this single and an equally universal message, the title is aimed at all generations, whether they are nostalgic or want to move forward. If these two artists have always wanted to use the song to send positive messages to the listeners, it seems that at the end of a pandemic this song is more than ever welcome in our ears. So take out the vintage pants and dance to keep your world spinning!

Plastic Bertrand & Leee John - Don't Stop The World From Turning (Wade Teo Mix - 8A - 120 Funky Club House

Plastic Bertrand & Leee John - Don't Stop The World From Turning (Dario Caminita Ext Mix - 8A - 120 Soulful Club House


45 years after "Ça plane pour moi", Plastic Bertrand is back with the legendary Leee John, singer of the band Imagination, for a solar duo that will make your head spin! Celebrating 40 years in the entertainment industry, Leee John has been a versatile artist, singer, writer, record producer, actor and recent film producer.

Leee John has attracted the attention of the world with his band Imagination founded in the early 80s with hits such as "In And Out Of Love", "Flashback", "Music And Lights", "In The Heat Of The Night" and "Just An Illusion", millions of singles have been sold worldwide. The band has been certified platinum worldwide, with sales exceeding 30 million albums.

For the 40th anniversary of the Imagination, Leee John plays himself a concert of anthology at the Olympia and the release of 17 records, fruits of a mythical career. His recent projects also include "It feels so good", an explosive dance piece co-produced with Sam and Kelly Mack, also in collaboration with legendary DJ, producer, author and American composer Victor Simonelli. Pioneer of the NYC underground dance movement.

A powerful song, it embraces the power of freedom in these troubled times when the planet is slowly emerging from this global pandemic. The title is available on various digital platforms. And the icing on the cake? A collaboration with Damon Albarn for the title "The Lost Chord " on the new Gorillaz album entitled "Song Machine". You will have understood,

Leee John makes his big comeback and you are not at the end of your surprises!

Plastic Bertrand is a singer, musician, songwriter, producer, publisher and presenter of Belgian television, having had an international success with his famous punk title "Ça plane pour moi" in 1977. The single is sold for nearly 950,000 copies and the song is repeated by several bands such as BlackRain, Telex, Sonic Youth or even U2. 

Although this title remains inevitably associated with the image of the singer, Plastic Bertrand has also gratified the audience with other interpretations such as Tout petit la planète, Hula Hop or Sentimentale-moi. Plastic Bertrand also appears in some films, as well as in TV films and various TV shows.  In 2004, Plastic Bertrand was made a Knight of the Order of the Crown.

In 2020, Plastic Bertrand offers a great comeback with his album L'Expérience Humaine", a 10-track album featuring the title "Don’t Stop" featuring Leee John. Today, remixed in all these forms, we present you a single not to be missed!

Friends of forever, dating back to the last century, the king of English soul funk of the 80s and that of French punk-pop of the 70s decided to come back to the front of the stage with a title imagined during a joint show on a boat three years ago.

Born of a real human and artistic love at first sight, this duo was obvious for these two singers wishing to convey the same message. More current than ever in the current health and political context "Don’t stop!"  , whose release is scheduled for April 8, is an invitation to revive the laziness in each of us.

A positive and inspiring title, the duo takes us into a world where we must not let ourselves be discouraged and where dreams must continue to be realized.

"Don't let anybody rain on your parade. Don't stop the world from turning, keep up your fire burning. Don't stop forever Learning..."

from February 25 to end of June 2022: Plastic Bertrand on tour in France
April 30 in Fribourg: Leee John & Plastic Bertrand
Meet Leee John & Imagination for an anthology concert at Olympia on May 10, 2022.
October 2022: UK tour planned for both artists


Plastic Bertrand & Leee John - Don't Stop The World From Turning (Wade Teo Mix - 8A - 120 Funky Club House

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