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RAI - Im Here - RAI Music (Sweet Soul-R n B)

Tracks 31.08.2018 R-n-B, SOUL


KINGS ESSENTIAL SOUL A BRAND NEW USA 12 SONG ALBUM COMING TO YOU SONG BY SONG IN "THE SUMMER OF SOUL" - Track four of the fantastic 2018 soul album from RAI "Love's On The Way" is the sweet soul of "I'm Here". We are thrilled at Kings to be presenting RAI's album "Love's On The Way" - your support is appreciated on this journey. Tell your audiences too.. The album RAI - Love's On The Way is out now through Spotify and all major outlets... WAV INCLUDED

RAI - Im Here Rai - 10A - 66bpm - Sweet Soul.mp3

RAI - Im Here Rai - 10A - 66bpm - Sweet Soul.wav


RĀI (pronounced Ray) a singer, songwriter from Harlem NYC (born and raised in Gadsden, South Carolina) whose music is just perfect Soul. His fusion is new and traditional R&B to intentionally creating a deep sensibility in his recordings which are layered with melody from his vocals to the individual instrumentation's.

Each RAI song is art influenced by personal experiences and the love of classic Soul music. "I approached creating my latest project similar to how I imagine a designer approaches creating a collection. Painfully detailed. Each piece unique. Each appealing for different reasons but all goes together."

R&B has seen changes in style, trends and youth increasingly celebrated over substance, tradition, and maturity but RĀI has an appreciation for all things R&B and believes the two can peacefully exist. "I'm a singer who grew up loving how R&B music changed the world and made people feel. My music is the truest expression of who I am today.

I'm trying to create music that people will want to hear next year or the year after that and after that. I am committed to making good music that's true to who I am." RAI's musical inspirations are Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Maxwell. With his latest project, "Love's on the Way" he sought to create an album that was effortless in nature with such a strong vibe that once you pressed play you would just let it ride.

Journey: RĀI started singing at the eight of 8 but he didn't discover his talent for it until he started singing on campus as a college student at Winthrop University in South Carolina. He pursued music for many years but found the constant up and down of the industry to be more than he as willing to handle so he went full time into corporate America. In his last position before returning to his love for music, he was an executive at a large real estate company in NYC.

This time around is much different for RĀI because he now see's music as a calling and his purpose to spread love and positivity in the world. So whether it's writing songs, or performing or even speaking about his life experiences, RĀI sees all of that as an opportunity to speak positivity and healing into people's lives.

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RAI - Im Here Rai - 10A - 66bpm - Sweet Soul

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