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RAI - Smile - 12A - 86 Soulful RnB

Tracks 21.10.2018 Soulful R-n-B


KINGS ESSENTIAL SOUL A BRAND NEW USA 12 SONG ALBUM COMING TO YOU SONG BY SONG IN - Track 11 off the fantastic 2018 soul album from RAI "Love's On The Way" is "Smile". We are thrilled at Kings to be presenting RAI's album and your support is appreciated on his journey. Tell your audiences too.. The album RAI - Love's On The Way is out now through Spotify and all major outlets... WAV INCLUDED

RAI - Smile - 12A - 86 Soulful RnB.mp3
RAI - Smile - 12A - 86 Soulful RnB.wav

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RAI - Smile - 12A - 86 bpm - Soulful RnB (mp3)

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