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Rob Roar - "808 Digital (Say What)" - Phonetic Recordings

TRACKS (New) House (Tech-House)

We Love Space, Ibiza Footage:
808 Digital (Say What) Part1:
808 Digital (Say What) Part5:
808 Digital (Say What) Part2

Many of you may know Rob Roar under his Max Linen pseudonym, hailed by press as Ibiza Kings and responsible for a string of big room hits including:

Paradiso Del Mundo (No.1 DJ's Ibiza Mag Hype Chart, 
No.1 DMC Buzz, 
No.2 Mixmag)
The Soulshaker (No.1 Mixmag,
 No.1 Pete Tong's Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend Buzz Chart)
Flashback (No.1 Mixmag, 
No.1 Pete Tong's Radio 1 Ibiza Buzz, 
No.2 DJ Ibiza Mag Chart)
Neon Lights (No.1 DMC Buzz Chart
, No.1 Music Week Coolcuts).
Rob Roar - Slam 303 (No.1 in Tilllate Mag & No.2 DMC Buzz Charts)

DMC - Guy Garret "While the whole world goes EDM mental, Rob Roar reminds us what a REAL Ibiza battle weapon is!"


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