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Roberto Bates ft Malberg - Killer - bgRECS (Euro Club House)



EURO CLUB HOUSE - AIFs + MP3s + WAVs. This song is a "Killer“! Known as the breakthrough single of the British DJ & Producer Adamski featuring (the very young) singer Seal. "Killer“ was twice a major hit in the early 90s. It reached number one, spending four weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart in May and June of 1990. In Germany the song peaked at a # 2. For the Dance-Chart experienced DJ Roberto Bates this song was always something special. In his early career he used to begin his nights with "Killer" as an opening song including the George Michael cover. 29 years later check out Roberto Bates new version with an extended mix and radio edit. Streaming now on iTunes & Spotify...

A special note for DJs who speak on their radio shows - this song is totally unique as the title is never mentioned in the vocals. How many songs can you think of that are world famous, but the singer never sings the title words ever in the song ? The title came from this line which is often not used at all by different versions - "It's the loneliness that's the killer".

Roberto Bates ft Malberg - Killer (Extended Mix - 3A - 121 Euro Club House

Roberto Bates ft Malberg - Killer (Radio Edit - 3A - 121 Euro Club House


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Roberto Bates ft Malberg - Killer (Extended Mix - 3A - 121 Euro Club House

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