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Robin Thicke - Thats What Love Can Do - Empire (Soul-R & B)

Tracks 15.04.2019 #AIRPLAY RECOMMENDATION, Soulful R-n-B


SOUL R & B - "In the thicke of it, better get a grip and get it on, get it on". Robin gets his soul groove smoking with "That's What Love Can Do" at 86 bpm, right in the middle of the ideal heart rate for love and peace. "Turn a boy into a good man, Make a queen feel like a princess, One kiss at the perfect moment, Bruises start to heal. That's what love can do, It’s not what love can't do". Sweet music Mr Thicke, welcome back..

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Robin Thicke - Thats What Love Can Do (Clean) - 2B - 86 Soul RnB

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