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R.O.C.I. - Remember The Time - SoundToPeople (HOUSE)

Tracks 13.02.2018 KINGS RECOMMENDED


NEW DEEP POP - This is how producer and creative talent Rico Hartman calls the style of the first single "Remember The Time" for his new project R.O.C.I. alongside the super talented singer Stephano Prunebelli from Italy. Together with the singer & songwriter, Italian native, living in the UK, Stephano Prunebelli starts Rico 2015 the Project "Jack & Jones" The project mainly stands out from the mass of various other EDM productions, thanks to Stephanoís unmistakable voice and Ricoís hypnotic electronic dance music production. The Singles & The Album with Entry in Dance & Dj Charts (D.A.S) and iTunes Sales Chart England Dance #62 gave the motivation for more productions.

Rico Hartmann aka R.O.C.I. (you'll know him from the famous Jack & Jones project (#61 iTunes UK, compiled on Armada, Black Hole, Trance Master and many more) and the Deep House success "Rückenwind) shows how talented and creative he and good Dj/Producer friend Raphael Bernard from Berlin are. An album is in the making!  We stay tuned!

R.O.C.I. - Remember The Time 
(Original Mix) - 7B - 120 House
R.O.C.I. - Remember The Time 
(Dub Mix) - 6A - 120 House
R.O.C.I. - Remember The Time 
(Radio Edit) - 7B - 120 House
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"Remember the time when we ware alone 
Face to face nose to nose 
Remember the time we fell in love 
Your hand in my hand our hearts beat as one"




R.O.C.I. - Remember The Time (Original Mix) - 7B - 120 House

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