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Ronnie Moss - Baby Lay Back (Soul album) Soul - RnB



SOUL - R & B - SMOOTH BALLADS. Vocalist with the legendary US soul group the Spinners, Ronnie Moss, teams up the multi-talented US producer-singer John Carey in California to record nine songs that bring to mind so many inspirations from Smokey Robinson on "You Can't Have Two", to Marvin Gaye on "Baby Lay Back", the Moments on "Let It Flow", Prince on "Say What You Mean", Curtis Mayfield on "There You Go, Never Too Late" and the Isley Brothers on "All Night Long".

All delivered in Ronnie Moss's sweetest of voices. Simply superb soul music beautifully crafted by John.

Pure American soul-R&B music full with the promise of good love, worship of his woman and dedicated devotion to her if she'd only take him in her arms again and again...

Yes folks, it's Valentine's weekend and love is centre stage under a glowing spotlight thanks to Ronnie Moss and John Carey. What a personal pleasure it is to bring this album to you all this weekend. Right on you Kings & Queens of grooving songs - lay that love on them all.

Ronnie Moss - All Night Long - 9A - 65 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Baby Its You - 5A - 75 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Baby Lay Back - 5A - 75 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Can I - 7B - 66 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Let It Flow - 2B - 90 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Say What You Mean - 8A - 95 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - Steppers Roll Call - 8B - 88 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - There You Go Never To Late - 8A - 80 Soul-RnB

Ronnie Moss - You Can't Have Two - 8A - 85 Soul-RnB


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Ronnie Moss - Baby Its You - 5A - 75 Soul-RnB

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