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ROSABEL (THE ALBUM pt2) Carrillo Music (Tribal Circuit House-House-Classic Piano House)



KINGS ESSENTIAL HOUSE PART 2 - RALPHI ROSARIO - ABEL AGUILERA "THE ALBUM" by ROSABEL the DJ duo with 14 songs featuring vocalists Jeanie Tracy, Terri Bjerre and Tamara Wallace. Out on Carrillo Music with a tour in support of the release. It's hard to pick a weak spot listening through the full album with such a range of strong creations. Here are 7 tracks this weekend to light up your shows and sets. Out on release now and two big royal thumbs up from the Kings dancefloor. Bravo Ralphi, Abel and Carrillo Music

Rosabel charted on Dance/Electronic Album Sales- on Billboard (the 3rd best selling album last week)

Rosabel and Tamara - The Feelin - 8A - 127 House

Rosabel and Jeanie Tracy - Livin For Your Love - 7A - 126 House

Rosabel and Tamara - Anything For You - 8A - 127 Classic Piano House

Rosabel - Cha Cha Duro - 7A - 126 Tribal Circuit House

Rosabel - Freak (Yinon Yahel n Mor Avrahami Remix Edit 4A - 128 Tribal Circuit House

Rosabel - That Sound (Alan Jackinsky Private Mix 7A - 130 Tribal Circuit House

Rosabel with Jeanie Tracy - Cha Cha Heels (Tony Moran + Deep Influence 2A - 128 Tribal Circuit House


Previous Rosabel tracks still on Kings chart

ROSABEL (THE ALBUM) - Carrillo Music (House, Deep House, Classic Piano House)

ROSABEL live on Spotify


Rosabel and Tamara - The Feelin - 8A - 127 House

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