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SALADIN ft OMZ - Fight For Love (418 Music) Future House



FUTURE HOUSE - WAVs + MP3s - Dubbed “Chicago’s Ghetto Rockstar” by Iconic Underground Magazine, Saladin (pronounced Sah-lay-din) is growing at a rapid pace with many releases on prominent dance imprints. In the studio, Saladin draws from many musical influences and merges them into his own unique sound, His styles range from Future House and Electro House to Bass heavy genres with a House influence. He has gained the support of industry tastemakers around the globe, and his tracks have the climbed the charts numerous times.

Saladin has maintained the ability to infatuate and connect to his crowds, which is why they continue to expand and become more diverse as his career continues forward. Having made his mark in the electronic music world through appearances on the Billboard and Beatport, Saladin brings you this Future House fire featuring the OMZ. For more on this track, follow 418 Music on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and for all our latest releases, find us on Spotify.

Saladin - Fight For Love (feat OMZ) (Original Mix 6A - 126 Future House

Saladin - Fight For Love (feat OMZ) (Radio Edit 6A - 126 Future House

Saladin feat OMZ live on Spotify


Saladin - Fight For Love (feat OMZ) (Original Mix 6A - 126 Future House

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