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Selest - Honest (Klubjumpers Remixes) Future Club House-Future Pop



FUTURE CLUB HOUSE - FUTURE POP - AIFFs + MP3s + WAVs. Producers the Klubjumpers and Liz Scott have unearthed a rare Texas sparkling diamond with the talented Selest whose song "Honest" has been superbly remixed by Sam and Dan into two very infectious mixes including an extended and radio edit. Out on release now through Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. For your consideration from Kings.

Selest - Honest (Klubjumpers Extended MIx 8A - 123 Future Club House

Selest - Honest (Klubjumpers Radio Edit 8A - 123 Future Club House

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Apple Music:

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Selestial Alcoser is an American singer and songwriter from Somerset,Texas. At the age of 3 Selestial was fully memorizing songs and singing them for her family, which then sparked her interest for music. By the age of 13 she self-taught herself how to play the guitar and wanted to professionally pursue music.

After Graduating High-school she fully devoted herself into creating and writing her own music whilst performing at local venues around San Antonio,Texas. In 2017 she released her First single “Colors” collaborating with the highly established Record Producers “Klubjumpers”. In the midst of honing in on her craft she self taught herself to play the piano and started incorporating that as another element in her songwriting. In 2018 she released her Christmas single “Christmas Wish”.

Both singles went on to play on public radio in California and New York. This year, in 2019 she has released the first single off her debut album called “Honest” which is a dance summer hit! She’s anticipating a second single release towards the end of the year which is said to showcase her growth as a songwriter and vocalist. Currently Selestial is wrapping up the writing and recording of her First Debut Album where she anticipates will be released at the top of next year.

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Selest "Honest" on Spotify


Selest - Honest (Klubjumpers Extended MIx 8A - 123 Future Club House

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