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Sheddy Maria - High Life (Produced by JDS) Future Club-Afrobeats-Reggaeton



AFRO BEATS, FUTURE CLUB, REGGAETON - WAV + MP3. An important release on many levels but first and foremost is the feeling of the recording, the melody sits super comfortably in your soul making it so easy to listen to the song's purpose. ‘HIGH LIFE’​ by Sheddy Maria leads the charge with the lead single on the All-Female album "QUEENDOM", designed to empower coming together to shine a light on the sheer power of women within music.

‘High Life’​ is filled with pop, reggae, afrobeats and reggaeton flavour that is a true expression of Sheddy’s vibrant energy. A magnetic stage presence, Sheddy Maria has previously performed to sold out crowds throughout the UK as people embrace her one of a kind optimism.

Sheddy Maria​ has built a considerable buzz throughout the Midlands and her profile continues to grow at a hugely exciting pace - 2020 will also see Sheddy release her debut EP.

The single is the first from the upcoming ​QUEENDOM​ album; due for release in early 2020, is a musical journey that shines a light on female artists who are making waves on the historically male dominated urban scene.

Sheddy Maria will feature in a special episode of RISING; the brand new show from Music Gateway, to celebrate International Women’s Day in March, along with a handful of other empowering female artists who are dedicated to levelling the playing field.

QUEENDOM​, is an album unlike any other in recent years. It features many up & coming artists from the respective worlds of pop, R&B, afrobeats, dancehall and beyond - some of whom have already gained recognition by the BBC & KISS FM amongst others.

The album is the brain-child of James ‘JDS’ Sewell, a music producer from Birmingham who’s passion to help support female artists is second to none. QUEENDOM is the first project from James’ own production company - It’s Not Over Entertainment - and features the incredible talents of ​Sheddy Maria, Sahfy, Sophia Lee Soul, Lekky, Jamie-Lee & Jay L’Booth.

QUEENDOM spans both genre and geography, with artist’s hailing from the UK, all the way to Canada and California! This truly is a global project, meant to inspire female artists everywhere & the respective heart of each artist is given plenty of space to shine individually as well as collectively.

The album is a journey through different music cultures to encourage connection, collaboration and to celebrate the power that comes with these differences whilst also maintaining a message that at the heart of it all - everyone can still connect strongly.


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‘QUEENDOM’ - The All Female Collaborative Album, An Album That Is Truly For Women, By Women. ‘High Life Reviews’

‘It's got a nice bounce to it that cuts through the depressing winter weather & gives a much needed glimpse of summer!' - ​URY
'Sick reggaeton beat!' - ​The Cat Radio 'New Music playlist 100%' - ​Livewire
'Had specialist support over the last few weeks & has also been chosen as a specialist track of the week!' - ​Spark Sunderland
'Very good beat and very catchy!' - ​Demon FM
'Good old fashioned pop track that is needed to give the public something other than indie
and dance tracks' - ​URB
'I like it, gotta support a fellow Brummie!' - ​Scratch Radio
'Really catchy song' - ​Phantom Radio
'Gorgeous voice - have been trialling and supporting this on-air' - ​Xtreme 'Good song!' - ​CSR FM

Please direct all Press / PR enquiries to: James Sewell

Sheddy Maria - High Life
live on Spotify


Sheddy Maria - High Life (Produced by JDS) - 11A - 105 Afro Beats-Future Club

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