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Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop - MRE LLC (House-Tropical House)

Tracks 05.07.2018 New USA release



The sensational Simply Rayne collaborates with the R&B legend Baby Bash on "Don't Stop" with remix contributions from Dark IntensityJay Salter, Klubjumpers and KNAPPY. Smouldering out of Beyonce's Texas state is the a new heir to the throne, Simply Rayne who is gathering her army of fans with her voice and personality - see the feedback below. Radio mixes coming next week. Recommended Kings..

Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop 
(Dark Intensity Remix) - 8A - 110 Future Club

Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop 
(Jay Salter Ext Mix 8A - 109 Tribal Club

Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop 
(Klubjumpers Bigroom Ext Mix) - 8A - 120 House

Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop 
(KNAPPY Mix 8A - 118 Tropical House

Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop 
(KNAPPY Radio Mix Ext 8A - 118 Tropical House

Release Date - July 27, 2018



Simply Social Media 



Simply Rayne praise....
Lakeside Member Stephen Shockley (May 2018 / Opening for The Original Lakeside) - “She was Dope!”

Lakeside Member William Shelby (May 2018/ Open for The Original Lakeside)- “She put it down, she put it down, put it down, look out for her because she will be in your record stores soon.” 

Baby Bash (March 2018 / IMIX Recording Studios, Houston, TX) “ She sounds DOPE, she sounds like magical candy, magical ear candy, she is a cute little bombshell!”

Bold Favor Magazine ( September 2016/ Title: Simply Rayne is

Simply Amazing / David Good, Editor in Chief) - “Talking about a girl of fire… When you meet Simply Rayne, the words “beautiful”, “fun”, “smart”, “charming”, and “ambitious” roll through your mind in quick succession. And it is no wonder, this born and bred Texan has worked hard to create the brand that many in the R&B community equate to Beyonce’ Rising; The

New Princess of R&B.”
ReFocused Magazine (April 2016 / Title: Local Artist Simply Rayne Getting Wide-reaching Exposure / Teresa J Herbic) - “Talented up-and-coming musician Simply Rayne is making a splash in San Antonio, the U.S. and beyond. As a powerful soulful singer, Rayne offers a distinctive blend of pop, hip hop, and R&B music.”

Chica Girl Magazine (May 2016 / Meet Reiana Fernandez aka Simply Rayne / Queen Ramirez) - “ Motivated, personable and fun are great adjectives to describe Simply Rayne. Rayne is all about spreading positive messages and building a meaningful connection with everyone she comes in contact with- in person and through her music.



Simply Rayne ft Baby Bash - Dont Stop (Klubjumpers Bigroom Ext Mix) - 8A - 120 House

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