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SK8 - "One Love" - Music Plant

TRACKS (New) House (Electro House)

SK8 - "One Love" - Music Plant

Label: Live/Music Plant Group

Release # MPLV 71-2

Bar Code: 7 82738 2071 2 7

Tracks on release: 12
Executive Producer: George Andros

Produced by: Majik Boys.

Vocals Produced and arranged by Georgie Porgie.

Leads and Backgrounds by: SK8

Written by: Sara Jacobs, George Andros, Jeremy Martorano, Mike Zaplatosch, and Andy Garcia.

Publishing info.: Kittens Who Snack (BMI), Georgie Music(ASCAP), Majik Boys Publishing (ASCAP)

© & P 2012

Photography & Graphics by: Jimmy R. Smith



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