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Stephen Chivers - The Day I Said Goodbye (Mothers Day Ballad)

Tracks 13.05.2019 #Ballad, #POP VOCAL, **FREE TO BROADCAST**


BALLAD SONG - A ballad song to remember and commemorate the devotion of the artist's Mother who was taken by cancer. A bittersweet emotional tribute. Words and music, Stephen Chivers. "The Day I Said Goodbye" describes how I felt during and leading up to losing my mother to cancer". Shared on Mothers Day in North America to acknowledge that every day is Mothers Day in truth.

All Stephen's songs have a story behind them, some personal and others through other people’s stories and by empathising with their situations or experiences. This is what he would like to share with anyone interested in his music and he will happily discuss how the songs came about.

The as mentioned, aforementioned song ‘The Day I Said Goodbye’ is a personal song that tells how Stephen felt when losing and eventually lost his Mother to Cancer, he explains “writing this song helped me get my emotions out and helped me cope at the time, it acted as a release”

He often hears other people recounting situations they have been through and will be inspired to write songs through empathy. (That day & spiders in the rain, as yet unreleased are just two) or events on the news such as hearing that Robin Williams had passed away. (Songs of Blue).

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