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Stephen Gawking (The Nuclear Lyricist) ft Pablo The God & Joy Swaks -
 ‘I’mperfection(s) Hip Hop-Rap



KINGS TIP TOP HIP HOP - RAP - Stephen Gawking - The Nuclear Lyricist releases his second single ‘I’mperfection(s) feat Pablo The God and Joy Swaks. Stephen Gawking says he has found his A-list team on "I’mperfection(s)". Bobby Johnson of Rebirth Music holds the production seat, featuring vocalist Pablo the God, and a fabulous vocal contribution from singer Joy Swaks. The project is Ijay Swanepoel’s brainchild, acting as Creative Director, with Leonard Roos of Create Content Cape Town, in the role of consultant.

Stephen Gawking (The Nuclear Lyricist) ft Pablo The God & Joy Swaks - ‘I’mperfection(s) 2A - 157 - Hip Hop-Rap

Ijay explains: “As you can tell, the title is a wordplay on ‘imperfections’ and ‘I’m perfection’. The initial inspiration was derived from a friend’s photography project: My Body Counts, focussing on body positivity. I then thought, let’s take it a step further, and make it more than just about one theme, but rather, an all-encompassing identity positivity song. Because, at the end of the day, ‘all that matters is that you stay true to being you, each and every day, from dusk till dawn, with everything you do’, which I feature in the lyrics. I am super proud of the outcome of the 2nd single, and it’s an honor to work with talented and passionate people like Bobby, Pablo and Joy—I really appreciate them”.

Bobby adds: “I won’t rest until the full potential of Stephen Gawking is realized. We provide the project with professional music production and care about Ijay’s vision, by maximizing the creative process. With our studio’s analogue and digital hybrid chain, we aim to provide Ijay’s music with the edge it needs in this highly competitive industry, turning his tracks into internationally competitive products.”
Pablo says: “My lineage is in the Zulu tradition, and I hail from Bloemfontein, South Africa. My prime directive in life is to look after my family first, before trying to please the rest of the world. Activating God mode; I’m a Trap God”.
Joy comments: “There’s something touching about the sound of South African harmonies, a characteristic I’d like to carry through my music. The content of the lyrics in my latest single, I Do, was inspired by not only one soul in mind, but a need to express as an individual, the readiness to love again. I realized through that how happy I’d become, how great and deserving of a person I was. I learned that depression will break you down to the core; with your outer, as much as your inner, becoming unrecognizable. It’s also about falling in love with yourself again, and making vows to that self before committing to another being. How do we love others when we despise ourselves? I Do celebrates love; it speaks about its power, and surrender, to truly experience it”.
Ijay concludes: “I continually endeavor for Stephen Gawking to be a symbol of hope and inspiration to those who are: disabled, different, oppressed, bullied, and everyone in-between”

Stephen Gawking (The Nuclear Lyricist) ft Pablo The God & Joy Swaks - "I'mperfection(s)

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Stephen Gawking (The Nuclear Lyricist) ft Pablo The God & Joy Swaks - ‘I’mperfection(s) 2A - 157 - Hip Hop-Rap

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