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Supply And Demand - Sonic Soul EP - R.U.A. (Drum & Bass)

Tracks 02.06.2017 Drum and Bass


KINGS KOOL KUTS - DRUM & BASS - JUNGLE - Sonic Soul the fourth studio album by Supply And Demand offers electronic and sonic waves fused with reggae and epic emotion within music. Due for digital release in November on R.U.A music Supply And Demand along with T.O.L, Platt’s Production, and Patrick Horns from UB40 have gone deep into this masterpiece. Bringing you a much different kind of vibe in jungle drum and bass Supply & Demand aka collective teases with an album sampler for now. "Romeo & Juliet" soul on soul with dnb "Hurricane" retro on soul "Sugar Love" Hawaii five o on soul "Come On Over" reggae funk and soul. In Supply & Demands word’s "This album is more than a postcard from the other side of the globe".

Supply And Demand - Come On Over 
4A 133 Drum n Bass

Supply And Demand - Huricaine 
4A 87 Drum n Bass

Supply And Demand - Romeo And Juliet 
3A 89 Drum n Bass Reggae

Supply And Demand - Sugar Love - 
7A - 87 Drum n Bass

The genuine passion for music and to create an electric atmosphere Supply and Demand always drilled with specialised theatres and the biggest brands to offer contracts to ensure exceptional atmosphere with disco enthusiasts making partying and spending their come in if it was their last night! S&D received the Best Global DJ 2013 presented by Capital FM radio. In June 2014, now settled in the uk and Morocco bringing an aura of adrenaline.
Release date : 17/11/2017



Supply And Demand - Sugar Love - 7A - 87 Drum n Bass

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