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Tamahau - Lost (Odessa Mama) Tropical Club GREAT SONG

Tracks 11.06.2019 #AIFs + MP3s, #RECOMMENDED BY KINGS, #Tropical Club


OUTSTANDING SONG - TROPICAL CLUB - AIF + MP3 - For your consideration. A power lyric accompanies this song, one of togetherness, compassion and collective positivity. Really a truly beautiful song to play to a loved one old or young in times when the road of the day feels narrow and too tight. Watch the video and hopefully you'll feel the purpose. Thank you for your support. Released on one of Australia's finest labels Odessa Mama who gave us Tamahau's last release "Forever". Fully recommended by Kings.

Tamahau - Lost - 5B - 102 Tropical Club.mp3

Tamahau - Lost - 5B - 102 Tropical Club.aif

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Tamahau - Lost - 5B - 102 Tropical Club (mp3)

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