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Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Remixes) Booshu (Organ Bass House-Piano Club-Trap)



#1 on iTUNES - ORGAN BASS HOUSE - PIANO CLUB - TRAP - CLUB POP - VOCAL & PIANO - Debuting at No.1 on the iTunes dance album Charts in Australia is "Piece Of Me" from the sparkling Tania Doko who says “My inner dance/electro child is stoked to unleash this remix package, including doses of electro-pop, future bass, retro club-house, and even an ‘undressed’ original vocal piano arrangement……….

In a modern, fast paced, incessant ‘online’ world, ‘Piece of Me’ is about the piece in so many of us that feels stretched, demanded of, and tired of chasing expectations, including our own tough and annoying self-critic."

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Buzz William Leo Remix - 12A - 120 Organ Bass House

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Matt Green Extended Remix - 12A - 126 Piano Club

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Matt Green Remix - 12B - 126 Piano Club

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Revolt Original Vocal Remix) - 7B - 138 Club Pop

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Maschine Man Tim Remix) - 12B - 138 Trap

Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Undressed Piano Original Vocal Version - 7B - 138 Vocal n Piano


Tania, now based in the songwriting hub of Stockholm, is very partial to a great Swedish-Aussie collab. Successful Swedish co-creators Christian Fast, Peter Mansson and Tania herself (later with James Roche of Bachelor Girl) penned the song, with production by Anton Hård Af Segerstad for its 2019 release (who also produced 2015 Eurovision winner Måns Zermelow’s ‘Heroes’. )

“The lyrics of ‘Piece of Me’ explore the factors of why and where we spend our energy being so vital. Through all the noise and craziness, it's usually my family and closest friends who help keep it all real and true. Life is so invaluable when you can feel connection and find ‘home.' - Tania

This Eurovision story continues.. “As a songwriter, I’m chuffed to be in the running to represent Australia at Eurovision in 2020 with yet another Swedish-Australian collaboration in 2020, ‘Pushing Stars’, Jordan Ravi, out now (written with Mattias Lindblom, Martin Eriksson, and George Sheppard of massive Aussie band ‘Sheppard’)” – Tania Doko

Piece Of Me (The Remixes) - Out Monday Feb 10.

More Doko solo installments to be released in 2020.

Tania Doko "Piece Of Me"
live on Spotify


Tania Doko - Piece Of Me (Buzz William Leo Remix - 12A - 120 Organ Bass House

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