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Temporary Hero - Stuck - Anticodon Recs (Circuit House-Club House)

Tracks 28.08.2018 Circuit House, Club House


CIRCUIT HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - POP DANCE - WAVS inc - "Swimming laps in the pool, summer in full swing". Keeping the summer alive. The non-stop pace of Temporary Hero’s output over the past year could put any artist to shame. It’s not just drivel, but there’s quality. The artist admitted recently that after the release of What You Wanted, there was a focus on making some simple fun summer pop tunes.

Not even a minute after the release of the CONTROL!!! EP, comes another new single "STUCK" from another EP called SHOCK! "STUCK" in its original form is a radio friendly pop record. Put in the hands of DrewG. and Dan Thomas... it becomes a dance floor shaker! As a bonus track for your radio shows, check out accompanying single "WAIT"... particularly loved by Kings catchy catchy catchy! Great remixes from DREWG and Dan Thomas too. WAV's link available to download in ZIP after feedback. Recommended by Kings..

Temporary Hero - Stuck (DREWG Remix 
2A - 128 Circuit House
Temporary Hero - Stuck (Dan Thomas Remix
2A - 126 Club House
Temporary Hero - Stuck (Dan Thomas Radio edit
2A - 126 Club House
Temporary Hero - Stuck (Original Version 
2A - 104 Pop Dance
Temporary Hero - Wait (Bonus track radio version
8A - 116 Club Dance

Temporary Hero Live Spotify player


Temporary Hero - Stuck (DREWG Remix 2A - 128 Circuit House

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