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The Blush - Summer Dreams - Inverse-MPG (Piano House-House)

Tracks New US and Worldwide release



The Blush is an incredible group that reign from Finland! Lead vocalist Sakke Wallenius and guitarist Toni Lundén are prolific artists who make up The Blush. Toni has performed with several famous Finnish artists and Sakke’s previous band Mascara had a massive hit single which landed at number two in the Finnish Top Charts. The lead vocalist met the legendary Georgie Porgie in LA and instantly became great friends!

The Blush have delivered a massive hit “Summer Dreams” that is taking Europe by storm! Georgie’s has taken the Hit and delivered PEAK hour- House mixes!!!! Yes! A rock record delivered House!! Press Play!!! You will be blown away!!!

Recommend! Recommend! Recommend!

The Blush - Summer Dreams (Georgies Prakata House Mix
6B - 125 Piano House
The Blush - Summer Dreams (Georgies Prakata Vocal House Mix
6B - 125 Piano House
The Blush - Summer Dreams (Georgies Prakata House Dub Mix
6B - 125 Piano House
The Blush - Summer Dreams (Georgies Deep House Mix
5A - 125 House
The Blush - Summer Dreams (Georgies House Dub Mix
5A - 125 Organ Synth House

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Label: Inverse Records/MPG
Release # INV_HHR_MPG 001
Bar Code:
Tracks on release: 9
Promo Date: 7-25-18
Release Date:
ExclusThe Blush
Title: “Summer Dreams”

Composition by Toni Lundén & Sakke Wallenius
Lyrics by Sakke Wallenius & Toni Lundén 
Arrangement by Toni Lundén
Lead vocals by Sakke Wallenius
Guitar, bass, keyboard and backing vocals by Toni Lundén
Drums by Mauro Gargano
Programming by Toni Kimpimäki, Redfive Studios
Recording, mixing producing by Toni Kimpimäki, Redfive Studios
Recording drums by Mauro Gargano, Tmi Mauro Gargano
Recording vocals for the remix by Mikko Herranen
Graphic design by Max Haapa-aho
Make up by Maria Saastamoinen, Kaunis Panda
Photography by Laura Reunanen, Reunanen Photography
© & P 2018

1-8 RemixProduced by Georgie Porgie 4 Music Plant Group. Additional Keyboards by James Edwards III. Mixed and mastered by G. Andros @ Vibe Studios USA.


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