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The Rhetoriks - If You Walk Away (The Remix Album) More Power Music

Tracks 04.07.2018 New UK Worldwide release, REMIXES

The Rhetoriks Serve Up A Sizzling New Song for
the summer "If You Walk Away" Is Out Now!



The summer heat is about to get a whole lot more intense with the release of the scorching hot & sensational new single "If You Walk Away" from The Rhetoriks featuring the talented duo Brother Man. Combining forces in effort to add some genuine sizzle to the season with an empowering new anthem served up in a wild variety of styles -

The Rhetoriks have enlisted a massive roster of amazing producers & highly-skilled mixologists to create multiple versions of their latest song & turn it into a full album stocked with brilliantly innovative, imaginative, & inventive twists on their stunning original tune.

After writing & recording what is sure to be another chart-topping hit for the UK duo of singer Elle and rapper Jay, The Rhetoriks continued to explore the limitless potential & possibilities that their new song provided, and soon enough it developed into an enthusiastic collaboration in full-effect.

Brother Man gave their heart & soul to the spirited energy and empowering emotions that soar through the original version with a remarkable performance that perfectly suited the vibe The Rhetoriks were seeking out. Complementing each other’s style & sound and challenging each other to get the very best out of the song in effort to put together an unforgettable single for the summer – they exceeded all expectations.

Once they had they finalized version of “If You Walk Away,” they immediately knew they had something special. Opening the doors for their new song to exist & thrive in multiple realms online and playlists of all kinds – they welcomed in a whole host of talented music-producers to join in on the excitement by remixing “If You Walk Away” into an incredible array of unique styles.

Collaborating with well-known names like Bimbo Jones, Kastra, Holly-J, TuneSquad, HBZ, Jaybox, Ovylarock and The Illionaires – each remix they made put a completely fresh spin on the original and guaranteed that there’s something for everyone to love about their brand-new single. One way or the other – or in all the forms you can find it in – “If You Walk Away” featuring Brother Man is a testament to the versatility of powerful ideas, the blissful creative freedom within The Rhetoriks’ music, & another stellar song added on to their legacy.

Catch the official release of “If You Walk Away” beginning on 8th June 2018 when the original version becomes available through their independent record label at More Power Music and makes its way to every online platform you can possibly think of! The following week, the full-album of remixes get its own separate release on 15th June – and of course, there’s much more still in store; The Rhetoriks plan to keep the momentum rolling at full speed & maximize the entire experience & excitement with all kinds of brand-new videos to support the multiple variations of their spectacular single “If You Walk Away.”

The best part of it all? They get to share it with YOU & they couldn’t possibly be more excited to do so! Make sure to save room at the top of your playlist this year – your new summer anthem has just arrived.

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(Ovylarock Remix 7A - 126 Future Bass

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(Bimbo Jones Dub Remix 7A - 130 - 303 Bass synth

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(TuneSquad Remix) - 7A - 138 Big Room House

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(Kastra Remix 7A - 125 Future House

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(Bimbo Jones Remix 7A - 130 Club House

The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away 
(Holly-J Remix Ext Mix 7A - 140 Psy-Trance

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The Rhetoriks ft Brother Man - If You Walk Away (Ovylarock Remix 7A - 126 Future Bass

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