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The Young Punx - Rhythm is Wild - Mofo Hifi (House-Club House-Video)



KINGS ESSENTIAL NEW TRACK - HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - ELECTRO SWING - VIDEO DOWNLOAD - WAV + MP3 - The Young Punx once again turn their electro mashup mentality in the direction of ElectroSwing but in their own characteristic manner - combining authentic original vintage sounds with in your face electronica.

Rhythm Is Wild is a game of two halves splicing together gypsy jazz guitars and Andrews Sisters-style swing close harmony, all recorded on The Young Punx’s own 1940s recording equipment, with kick ass electro house guaranteed to shake your speakers. Accompanied by a mind bending cgi video by esteemed Dutch artist Han Hoogerbrugge, Rhythm Is Wild is an in your face teaser for The Young Punx 4th studio album, coming later this year.

The Young Punx - Rhythm Is Wild - 2A - 125 (House-Club House).wav

The Young Punx - Rhythm Is Wild - 2A - 125 (House-Club House).mp3

The Young Punx - Rhythm Is Wild - Movie

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The Young Punx - Rhythm Is Wild - 2A - 125 (House-Club House).

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