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Tomy Ge - Footprints On My Heart (HDM Recs) Soul - R&B (Wav +MP3)



SOUL - R&B - WAV + MP3

Sounds like a Boys To Men classic - but it is Tomy Ge who brings Soul music back to the forefront of our vision in the fall of 2021 with the superb song "Footprints On My Heart". A lyric that reveals the imprint of love left on his soul from their night of love where he can still smell her perfume.

You can close your eyes and see a concert full of fans singing this back to the stage. It would have been a huge hit for BTM back in the day for sure. It is so good that this kind of pure soul music is still being produced today, especially in these time. Bravo Tomy Ge, Hadley & HDM Records in Los Angeles. Big Soulful recommendation from us for you Kings & Queens of Soul.

Tomy Ge - Footprints (Original Mix - 10A - 74 bpm Soul RnB.mp3

Tomy Ge - Footprints (Original Mix - 10A - 74 bpm Soul RnB.wav

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Tomy Ge - Footprints (Original Mix - 10A - 74 bpm Soul RnB

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