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Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up & Away - TVI (Tribal Circuit House, Deep House, Club House)

Tracks 27.03.2017 #CIRCUIT HOUSE, House (Electro House), Tribal House



Tony Valor returns with his 3rd consecutive club track, "UP & AWAY", which features the dynamic vocals of duet partner, Mariah Simmons (courtesy of Vizion Music)! This smokin R&B tinged track, which is already receiving healthy spins on a handful of Top40/Crossover radio stations, offers a multitude of Club remixes for various mixshows & diversified dancefloors, from the RED HOT talents of Argentinian producer, Cristian Poow, to the uber-talented RIDDLER (aka Rich Riddler Pangilinan), as well as James Anthony, Silver Bluff and KC Anderson! Please be sure to check out the NEW Remix Video by Eric Jenkins which is re-edited to the RIDDLER Radio Mix! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by KINGS!  PART 1 REMIXES:

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(Cristian Poow Elevation Mix 8A 124 Club House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(Cristian Poow Full Vocal Club Mix 8A 124 Club House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(James Anthony Twisted Club Mix 9A 128 Progressive House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(KC Anderson Throwback House Remix 6A 124 Deep House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(RIDDLER Ext Mix 8A 122 Electro House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(RIDDLER Radio Mix 8A 122 Electro House

Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away 
(SILVER BLUFF RMX 8A 128 Tribal Circuit House



In the music industry, having a famous father can present many unique challenges for an up and coming artist. Living up to the reputation of a famous father and following in his footsteps can be quite demanding and difficult to contend with; unless of course you’re TONY VALOR.

Tony has burst onto the music scene with all the energy of his youth; and armed with his rich family history in the music industry, is making a “name” for himself as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Tony is a native New Yorker now living in Palm Beach, Florida. Being of Sicilian, Chinese and Hispanic descent he has a unique multicultural background.

He is bilingual and has spent much of his life in his hometown of Guangzhou, China, which he visits on a regular basis. His love for singing began at the age of 3, and his interest in music grew while sitting under the console in his father’s studio, as he worked on his music productions.

Tony has taken his exposure to music, and love for singing, and developed it into a serious desire to pursue a career in music with the release of his first single “Can’t Be Without You”. His second single “You’re My Fantasy” premiered on Vevo and has over 3,000,000 views between TVI Youtube Channel and Vevo.

He grew up listening to a cornucopia of music styles and was particularly into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Ink Spots, Benny Goodman, and, of course, Disco and R&B. Of today’s artists, Tony listens the most to Usher, and like Usher, desires to forge a career that straddles the border between Dance, R&B and Pop.

Please check out Tony's latest release, "Up & Away", which is a duet with sizzling new Vizion Music Artist, Mariah Simmons!! Be sure to watch their riveting performances in the Official Video!!

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"Up & Away" REMIX EP Coming Soon!!


Tony Valor ft Mariah Simmons - Up n Away (Cristian Poow Elevation Mix 8A 124 Club House

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