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Tosch & Raquel Divar - A Drop Kick - ToschMusic (Trap-Rap-Club Dance)

TRACKS (New) Club Dance, Trap


TRAP - RAP - CLUB DANCE. Literally Drop Kicking 2017 into action comes the Tosch & Raquel Divar "A Drop Kick" release to shake off the NYE funk. With the voice of US rapper, Raquel Divar, Tosch created a fresh, modern track that could be played in DJ sets around the planet and decided to make it available worldwide. Kicking like a mule....

Tosch has seven of his creations being used on US TV, Made in Hollywood, are using his music. Last order from NBC Universo was a hiphop-track for well known south-american football-soap. The guy is cooking at the top of the flame :-)

Out NOW....

Tosch & Raquel Divar - A Drop Kick 5A 100 Club Dance



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