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Undertone - Old School Electric (80s New Wave Classic Electronic)



80s New Wave Classic Electronic - Acclaimed EDM artist Undertone is back with his latest single "Old School Electric". "Old School Electric" features iconic effects in its bridge, including scratch-mixing, vintage organs, and classic 808 sounds, all seamlessly woven into an under-four-minute composition. These elements create a listening experience that transports you back in time while keeping you firmly rooted in the present. Undertone's meticulous approach to "Old School Electric" is evident in every detail. The song underwent multiple revisions to achieve its polished final form, showcasing the artist's dedication to his craft. On release and streaming now on Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, iTunes and Spotify now. Recommended by Kings for your consideration..

Undertone - Old School Electric - 1A - 128 (80s New Wave Classic Electronic)

This track was inspired by media and fan feedback noting the old-school essence in Undertone's music. Embracing this sentiment, Tim Bouwers, AKA ‘Undertone' crafted "Old School Electric" to blend nostalgic vibes with contemporary sounds, creating a track that bridges generations. "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

The music production landscape has transformed significantly over the years. Today, a $5000 recording setup can rival the million-dollar studios of the 1980s. This accessibility has democratized music production. Consequently, the bar for excellence has been raised, ensuring that every release meets the highest standards.

About Undertone: South African EDM producer Undertone has become known for his innovative and eclectic sound. With hits like "Rolling Circus," "Atmosphere Analog," "Pomodoro," ‘Let's Be Free' and "Broken Record", Undertone continues to captivate audiences around the world.



Undertone - Old School Electric - 1A - 128 (80s New Wave Classic Electronic)

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