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Velinski - Celebrity - Caravan PR (Indie Rock-Rock)

Tracks 05.08.2018 INDIE POP, ROCK


We are delighted to introduce this fun track by a talented songwriting and production team – VELINSKI (Andrew Williams and Adam McEvoy). CELEBRITY is a brilliant spoof on the world of, you guessed it, Celebrity. It’s not necessarily about real celebs but all those people who THINK they’re real celebrities, behave like they’re celebrities and the massive following their publicity generates. All the media is full of these precious darlings who in many cases are worshipped by millions of their followers. BUT what do they REALLY think about their adoring fans?

ARE they as conceited and full of B… S… as some folk suspect? Well, VELINSKI have their own take on the cult of CELEBRITY. They may be simply jealous or just making a statement. Whatever, they’ve come up with a heavy R & B stomp to get the listener in the mood for a musical experience and then come the wickedly funny lyrics such as “ Don’t ever need no qualification, cos I am a favourite of the nation “ and “ I’ll model any gear, and I always look sincere “
Sung to a great melody throughout with a chorus you’ll end up singing repeatedly, this is the ideal antidote to Celebrity Reality shows, banal tweets and media frenzy over inevitable ( pre- planned dare we say? ) relationship breakups.

Overall, the song is both an intellectual reflection of how all these minor celebrities manipulate the media. In other words, a right p… take!

To bring this historic piece of musical satire to the general public’s attention, and in so doing hopefully giving most people a good laugh, we’d like to recruit volunteers to appear on a video and mime to the song reflecting the lyrics line by line for the support of COMIC RELIEF 2017 . The writers are prepared to donate ALL PROCEEDS OF SALE from downloads to the Red Nose charity. By doing this, they will gain public awareness of their other material and will raise a substantial amount of money in the process.

Give the song a listen and please join in this fun campaign for a unique charity.

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Velinski - Celebrity (Retro Mix 2A - 156 Rock

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