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Venus In Motion ft Naomi Leigh - He Dont Know (Ocata Recs) Soulful Club

Tracks 10.05.2018 KINGS RECOMMENDED


SOULFUL CLUB - LOUNGE - Venus in Motion - He Don't Know - featuring Naomi Leigh from the album Liberation, song 10 featured by us and perfect for lounge, chilled-sets with a sunset drink in hand and a wistful view of the sunset. The album "Liberation"out now on Ocata records on all stores worldwide. An amazing album from Angel and friends Great video from The Dizzle..


Venus In Motion - He Don't Know - 4B - 115 Soulful Lounge

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Many thanks to The Dizzle who created this video




Venus In Motion ft Cherry Mars - Feels So Good - Ocata Soulful R&B Club


Venus In Motion - He Dont Know - 4B - 115 Soulful Lounge

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