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Venus In Motion ft Moses Okorotete - Seven Years (Ocata Recs) Soulful R&B

Tracks 26.04.2018 Soulful R-n-B


SOULFUL R & B - "Seven Years", sung reflectively by featured singer Moses Okorotete, is song eight (and great) released off the excellent Venus In Motion album "Liberation" after previously presenting the songs "Electronic World", "Shine A Light", "Please" "Sermon Of Love", "Home", "My Crown"and "Head In A Ruin". Seven years is often the cycle of change in our growth. Think when you are 7 then 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 etc all pivotal points in your life. You can use that to intro the song if needed. "Seven Years" is from the Venus in Motion "Liberation" new album released tomorrow (27. 04.18) on all official stores worldwide produced by the multi-talented Angel Johnson. Recommended by Kings

Venus In Motion ft Moses Okorotete "Seven Years" 9B 100 Soulful RnB


Release date: 27th April 2018
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Venus in Motion - Liberation - Ocata Recs out 27th April.


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Venus In Motion ft Moses Okorotete - Seven Years 9B 100 Soulful RnB

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