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Venus in Motion ft Tammy Cartwright - Sorry (Ocata Recs) Soulful Lounge

Tracks 17.05.2018 KINGS RECOMMENDED


SOULFUL LOUNGE - Track 11 off the incredible "Liberation"album from Venus In Motion produced by the amazingly talented Angel Johnson sees the return of the wonderful Tammy Cartwright on vocal duties for the song "Sorry" which is a hazy, lazy Soulful Lounge creation that Amy Winehouse would have been proud to call her own too. Tammy's voice smoothes honey all over the song, I'll never grow tired of hearing her sing, she's one of the best female singers in the UK ever to my ears and I'm not called Eddie 'Ears' for nothing. Check out the previously featured 10 tracks, they are still on Kings. "Liberation" out now on Ocata Records on all stores worldwide. One of the albums of 2018

Venus in Motion ft Tammy Cartwright - Sorry - 1A - 70 Soulful Lounge

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Venus in Motion ft Tammy Cartwright - Sorry - 1A - 70 Lounge Soul

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